Plastic Jersey Barrier Rentals

Construction barrier with or without chain fence panels. Ideal for a secure work environment.

Don't want to rent?

If you nee to purchase plastic jersey barriers you can do so at our Epic Crowd Control website.

Jersey Barriers are the ideal solution for short-term projects and small jobs. They are more cost effective than concrete barriers due to the easy mobility that also allows them to be re-used.

Jersey Barriers can be used to assist in the prevention of vehicular penetration of a work zone, street and road closures. It may also be used to provide delineation for traffic and pedestrian channelization.

When assembled the units are interlocked end-to-end at bottom with female-to male indentations, and at top with locking coupling device. It is then ballasted with water. When assembled as a work zone device or road closure, the units may be used empty or ballasted with water.


  • Lightweight design eliminates the need for large equipment.
  • Bright color options for increased site distance.
  • Made of heavy-duty polyethylene.
  • Can be accessorized for barrier wall, fencing, road closures and temporary sign support.
  • Stackable for efficient transportation and storage.
  • Can be assembled empty or ballasted.
  • Lockable fill caps and separate drain plugs for easy setup.
  • Patented forklift access for maneuverability.


  • Traffic & Pedestrian Control
  • Construction & Temporary Work Zones
  • Airport Construction & Maintenance
  • Parking Facilities
  • Municipal & Public Utilities
  • Security Checkpoints SECURITY
  • Events & Crowd Control Parks & Recreational Facilities


Do your Plastic Jerseys Come Filled With Water?

No, all barriers are shipped empty and must be returned empty. You must have your own water source if you choose to fill them.

EPIC Solutions has been an excellent partner for us at RAM Construction.  We have needed some products with a really quick turnaround time and they were able to accommodate our needs.  Not only did they deliver our order of plastic jersey barriers, but they also came on site and helped set it up for us.

Andrew Sandzik

Director of Facade Restoration, RAM Construction Services

Plastic Jersey Rentals

Ready to get some pricing on your plastic jersey barriers?  Don't forget, we offer a huge range of product rentals.  If you don't see what you need, just ask!

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